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Hi Jolly Tour / Holidays  / Reasons to Visit Los Angeles:Los Angeles was always destined to be a great city.

Reasons to Visit Los Angeles:Los Angeles was always destined to be a great city.

Vast and expansive, the enchanting city of Los Angeles is a haven of activity that offers an endless list of things to do. If you happen to be a visitor and has limited time in town, you can spend your day in museums, while missing on the opportunity to visit Hollywood. Better still, you can visit the enchanting Venice Beach.

Even though Los Angeles is an expansive city that can literally take several weeks to explore, there are certain places you can not afford to miss visiting.

1. The legendary Beaches

Los Angeles is home to miles of beaches, all of which are open to the public. It is here that the Pacific Ocean meets North America, bringing with it warm winds worth enjoying. As a visitor, you can enjoy lovely walks or runs on the sprawling white beaches of the city. And that is not all; there are plenty of unique beachfront homes which will give you a true taste of Los Angeles lifestyle.

2. Spend a day at Disney

A visit to Los Angeles is incomplete without spending a day at Disneyland. Famed for its unique parks, Disney is where parents and their children resort to. There are plenty of activities designed for kids. These include, but not limited to fireworks in summer, shows and parades. If you do not want to get involved, then just take a kid or two and enjoy the fun from the sidelines. This is the only place you can wear a funny hut all day and feel nothing about it.

3. Visit Hollywood

Los Angeles is home to world renowned Hollywood celebrities. A simple stroll across the city is a sure way of catching a glimpse of these celebrities in their true world. With more than 2,400 figures from the entertainment world calling this city their home, bumping into a pink terrazzo with gold lettering is no surprise.

Visit Los Angeles

4. Visit the big budget modern art museum

Thanks to its great endowments, Betty center is the envy of museums across the world. Even though the museum does not have a wide collection of Old World gallery, it has impressive works that cover a vast sweep in history.

5. Shop at Rodeo Drive

For those that have a soft spot for shopping, Los Angeles has them fully covered. Shopping at Rodeo Drive is still a dream to many, thanks to its expensive prices. However, you can take the time to window-shop and mingle with serious buyers.

6. Drive along Malibu Coast

Malibu coast has one of the most outstanding settings that make for a good surfing. For a first time visitor, Malibu coast is too tempting, and you may find yourself spending more time than you planned driving past several pack house facing the beach. You may also drive far north to have a full view of what activities are taking place in Malibu.

7. Visit Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s market has come a long way and has become more than just a place where local farmers sell their produce. Today, it is a lively, fun and exciting place where you can eat and drink. Next door is the Grove, where you can go shopping, watch a movie or just sit down and marvel at the dancing fountains.

Reasons to Visit Los Angeles

1. Walk amongst the stars on Hollywood Boulevard! Stretching endlessly in either direction, the Walk of Fame features nearly every famous actor, musician, director, character, producer, and other person contributing to the entertainment industry. With over 2500 stars, it’ll take awhile to search out each of your favorite stars!

2. You will probably meet some famous people just walking about in the city! As the center of the entertainment industries, LA is buzzing with celebrities. I even got to watch the recording of America’s Next Top Model!

3. The food is fantastic! You have to start off OF COURSE with the LA classic Pink’s for some jazzed up hotdogs! And then be sure to try the California staple, In-N-Out, for the freshest of burgers (order ‘animal-style’ to sound like a local). After getting a proper fill of American fastfood, check out Korea town and explore the other foodie delights that LA has to offer.

4. Easy access to beautiful beaches. From Santa Monica to Venice Beach to Malibu and the Pacific Palisades, you have plenty of oceanfront offerings to choose from for tanning, swimming, and surfing!

5. Some of the best shopping you’ve ever experienced! Stroll down Rodeo Drive and enjoy the world’s most famous high-end shopping, alongside some of the world’s most rich and famous. The store fronts are extravagantly beautiful, as are the cars driving down the street. Even if you can only go for the window shopping, it’s a lovely walk along perfectly manicured sidewalks, under sky-high palm trees, and with the pleasant lull of the most expensive place you could be.

6. View the Hollywood sign and let your daydreams wander. Spotting the sign, I picture myself a movie star in an old black-and-white film. I’ve just come to the Oscars and I step onto the red carpet in a Valentino masterpiece that hugs my hips and fans out at the bottom. Hair pinned back and a smile spread across my face, I embrace the constant flashing and snapping of photographs. Hollywood, I have arrived!

7. In LA, you will need a car to get around, so you’ll have the perfect opportunity to explore nearby California cities. Check out Santa Barbara, San Diego and La Jolla, and even Tijuana and over to Mexico if you’d like!

8. House envy abound in Beverly Hills. One of the most elite and exclusive neighborhoods you can find, Beverly Hills is home to many of the world’s rich and famous. The houses here cost on average $1.3 million, so you definitely have to take some time to walk around the neighborhood and admire the stunning beauty of these residences!

9. This city is sports central, and will excite sports fanatics and fairweather fans alike. From the Dodgers to the Lakers, to the Clippers and Angels, Los Angeles boasts some of the most well-supported and watched sports teams in the country.

10. You have easy access to some of the beautiful landscapes that draw visitors to California. Nearby is Joshua Tree National Park, and the Los Padres and Angeles National Forests, as well as the shoreline.

There you have it, my top 10 reasons for you to visit Los Angeles! It’s a super fun city, with lots to see and do, and you should definitely go see it for yourself. Have you been to L.A.? What did you love about Los Angeles?


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