We’ve been travelling for years, planning plenty of trips and booking hundreds of accommodations and flights, looking for the best travel resources and websites. We have collected the most useful links regarding the world of travelling: they are useful to save money, to improve your travelling experience and to make your life easier. We use these links every time we are travelling, and we recommend you to do the same!



Skyscanner: our favorite website to search for available flights and great price deals. A few things we love about it? The possibility to search “Everywhere” as a destination is simply great and it could inspire your next travel. You can also set an alert for destinations chosen by you and you will receive updates on prices via email. You will be able to monitor price fluctuations and save money consequently. Last but not least, you can set an entire month as your travel dates and check which days are the cheapest. Advice: use Skyscanner to search for flights, then go to the the website of the airline offering the flight and check the price, eventually buying the flights tickets directly from the airline.

Momondo: another source of interesting deals! Among our favorite travel resources, we love the fresh contents of Momondo. It’s possible to search flights to every part of the world. While the layout is really attractive, the website offers high quality stuff. You should visit it just for its “Trip Finder”: one can choose the place and month of departure, a budget, and one macro area between cities, beaches, nature, skiing, shopping and nightlife. The Trip Finder will show you several destinations that match your desires. Simple and amazing!

Pirate Holidays: an interesting website, where you can find incredible deals around the world. The interesting thing is that they post at least one or two deals per day, including error fares: if you are ready to travel, you don’t have a limited number of vacation days and you’re ready to go basically anywhere, Pirate Holidays can save you a lot of money.

Opodo: another nice user-friendly website, with an easy interface. It’s worth visiting in case you are searching for a flight.

Edreams: one of the most famous websites, which we check quite often. We like all the types of filters on the left bar that allows you to customize easily your search.


Booking: who doesn’t know Booking, one of the most famous portals for finding accommodation? You can find there almost all types of accomodation: from luxurious 5-star hotel to cheap youth hostels, you just have to set a destination and check for yourself.

Kayak: a nice tool for finding hotels worldwide. It compares the prices of hotels displayed on different websites, and it‘s definitely worth visiting for its variety of choice.

Airbnb: perfect for renting rooms or apartments, shared or private. Just create an account for free and start your research: you can ask questions directly to the owners of the flats and check the reviews of the accommodations.

9flats: similar to the previous one, it offers private rooms and mostly flats all around the world. The prices are really interesting and it’s easy to find good deals. Nice source for saving money!

Homestay: perfect to experience the local culture and way of life.You can rent a room in a flat owned by people with your same passion, travelling! Prices are usually lower than with hotels, but the real added value of Homestay is that you are hosted by locals. You will discover local cuisine, activities and hidden spots.

Roomorama: huge collection of short term and vacation rentals worldwide. Tip: if you subscribe for free to their newsletter, you will get 20USD off for your first booking. Nice and easy, isn’t it?

Couchsurfing: we cannot forget to mention Couchsurfing as one of our favourite travel resources. Sleeping for free on a couch (if you are lucky, you can even get a bed) in some stranger’s flat around the world is cool and exciting! If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry: you can find here local guides for free. Some people cannot host anyone in their flats, but they offer their time to meet travellers in order to show them the most interesting things in their city and a bunch of local spots. We used to host couchsurfers ourselvelves and we assure you it is an unforgettable experience.

Hostel World: the main source for finding cheap hostels. If you are on a budget, this is the website you want to visit. Not only shared rooms, but also private and cheap ones. If you are visiting an expensive country and you cannot pay too much for accommodation, take a look at it.

Travel resources

Travel guides

Lonely Planet: it can be defined as the “Travel resources” authority. We love their guides! We always buy a Lonely Planet guide when travelling somewhere. They always have fresh and useful contents and tips on where to eat, where to sleep and how to move around a country. The maps are quite good and it’s easy to find stuff even for those with not such a good sense of direction. The only thing we don’t like about these guides is that the prices stated for accommodation and food are always lower than in reality.

Rough guides: informal, young, simple and original. These four words describe perfectly their guides. Whether you prefer paper guides or eBooks, you should take a look at this website. They are great if you want to discover less touristic places and find some uncommon activities.


Adobe Lightroom: some people use Photoshop, we use Lightroom. It has more or less everything you need for editing your travel pics. The price is affordable and it is very user-friendly. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube or on Google, you will learn its functionalities without issues!

Paint.NET: since the first time we used it, we loved it for the easiness of use. We knew that this free tool had to be listed as one of our travel resources page! We suggest you to download it and discover its utilities. We prefer Lightroom to post-produce our pictures, but Paint.NET is faster for some specific things; it’s also easier if you want to modify a photo and add graphic elements to it.


If you want to work abroad while travelling, these are the websites to check.

Wwoof: meaning “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”. Sounds good? If you like rural life, it’s the perfect deal for you. You will get free meals and a place to sleep, in exchange you will help the hosts fulfilling their daily tasks.

Workaway: similar to the previous one, Workaway offers tons of offers to find a short term job while travelling around the world. You will find a job in hostels, gardens, farms, cafés, and much more!

EVS: European Volunteering Service. If you are young enough (up to 30 years old), you can apply for a project around the world. You will find various areas, from nature to education. They will pay for your flights, accommodation and give a small salary every month.


World nomads: never travel without a proper insurance! Doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s just mandatory to have one. World nomads is simply the best travel insurance you can choose. Prices are competitive and you will get 24/7 assistance in case of emergency.


You probably already know them, but we thought that it could be useful to install the following travel resources on your smartphone:

TripAdvisor: some hate it, others love it. We like it, mostly when we have no idea where to eat. Sometimes it happens…so read the reviews and make up your mind. Tip: don’t always trust the reviews…sometimes a place is described as the best restaurant in the world, but when you go and check it, you would never eat there. Go soft with it!

Maps.me: offline maps for free, it’s functional, easy, with nice design…what else do you need?

XE Currency: it’s able to convert every world currency.

App in the Air: the best flight tracking app outside there: with App in the Air you will always be updated about your flight status.

Google Translate: simple and useful, maybe it isn’t the smartest translator ever, but it can really help in many situations. Now it’s possible to translate also through the use of the smartphone camera: just point and translate! It can save your life abroad.

Travel blog

Wanna open a travel blog? Read our last section of travel resources:

WordPress: without discussion, WordPress has no competitors. It’s flexible, fun and easy to use. Oh, and it’s free!

Bluehost: the world of hosting is so huge, that you will be lost looking for the best platform for your blog. We chose Bluehost for its good price, good performance and 24/7 assistance.

Pixabay: need some pictures to use for your blog? It’s always better to use your own, but if you don’t have the chance you can visit this website and download what you need. Read carefully the terms of use, but most photos are free to use, commercial purposes included.

Mail Chimp: the best plugin to create and send out your newsletter. It’s great to start, since it’s free up to 2000 subscribers. If you have more, you will be more than happy to pay for it, believe us!

Start a freedom business: it’s a nice inspirational eBook that’s totally worth the ridiculous price of 1.99 USD. We check it regularly and it is full of useful tips on to start a business on your own, in the areas of blogging, web designing, writing and so on.

Nomadic Samuel: do you want to create a travel blog? First, you need to know how it should look. Nomadic Samuel has one of the most beautiful and interesting travel blogs of all time. You will find travel photos, food reviews, guides and much more. It’s really inspirational!

Waking Up Wild: do you like wild nature and animals? If so, check out this website. There are some truly amazing photos of every kind of animals. The section Destination is also a great inspirational source.